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Tuesday 27th March 2018

A Creative Wellbeing Workshop, organised by the Education Officer at the museum Kay Topping and professional local artist Diana Burch, took place at the Haslemere Museum on Tuesday 27th March.  There were two sessions, one in the afternoon and one from 7.00 to 9.00 in the evening. 

The event was sponsored by the Arts Society Haslemere as part of the ‘Arts in the Community’ activities organised by Isabelle Cole.   It followed on from the successful Christmas Crafts workshop and was open to all, members and general public alike.  Both afternoon and evening sessions were well attended and there was much enthusiasm for the opportunity to have a go, using the wide choice of materials provided.

The theme was Asian patterns, including the art of wood block printing and quilling. Kay Topping provided inspiration in the form of a Chinese embroidered silk jacket from the museum collection, along with further pieces of embroidery and more contemporary designs featuring elephants.
Specially created rubber stamps made by Diana Burch were available for participants to use, as well as foam pieces for them to create their own stamps.  Coloured inks and dip pens were also provided, with a choice of paper, including one specially traced with a quartered circle, for the creation of beautiful mandala-like patterns.
Most popular of all was the quilling - the art of curling and pinching narrow paper strips and then gluing them to backing paper, or onto a printed design.

Refreshments were on hand but were hardly touched as everyone was busily absorbed in creating something imaginative and unique, making the most of this unusual opportunity to escape the humdrum, to freely play with colour and pattern in creatively decorative ways and in convivial company.  Kay and Diana are planning further Wellbeing workshops in the summer and the next one will provisionally take place in July.


Below are some photographs of the afternoon session.

Kay Topping, Isabelle Cole and Diana Burch
Left to right: Kay Topping; Isabelle Cole; Diana Burch.


Block printing
Block printing with ink pattern

Block printing
Two colour block printing

Participants with their work
Some participants with their finished work

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