The Arts Society Haslemere

Formerly known as Haslemere
Decorative & Fine Arts Society

Wednesday 15th April


Thanks to Anna Hawtree, Rosemary Brodie, Shan Gray and Sonia Motley for their photographs.

T H E   H O U S E

The House. Photo by Rosemary Brodie.

The Library
The lunette in the Library. Photo by Sonia Motley.

The Library
Opposite end of the Library. Photo by Jane Larkin.

The Library

Plaster overmantle with gesso relief, in the Library. Photo by Sonia Motley.

Pope's Cabinet  interior

From left to right: Photo by Sonia Motley of Pope's Cabinet in the Cabinet Room; photo of interior by Jane Larkin.

T H E   G A R D E N

walled garden  en route to the house
Left to right: In the walled garden; en route to the House. Photos by Anna Hawtree.

View across the lake

View of the Pantheon across the lake. Photo by Anna Hawtree.

The Bristol Cross  View of the Temple of Apollo
Left to right: the Bristol Cross with St Peter's Church behind by Rosemary Brodie;

photo of the Temple of Apollo across the lake by Sonia Motley;

The sunburst in the Temple of Apollo. Photo by Sonia Motley.

View across the lake
View across the lake. Photo by Rosemary Brodie.

Walking round the lake
Walking round the lake to the Pantheon. Photo by Shan Gray.


  the grotto  in the grotto
From left to right: photo by Shan Gray of the view from inside the Grotto; inside the Grotto by Jane Larkin.

The Cottage
The Gothic Cottage. Photo by Rosemary Brodie.

St Peter's Church  

St. Peter's Church. Photo by Shan Gray.

Outing to Stourhead
From left to right: HDFAS Members listening to talk before free flow tour of the House, in the Pantheon and on the garden tour.

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